About Ekin Varon

Ekin Varon is the founder and creative director of Ekin Varon Design Studio. 

Born and raised in Istanbul, Ekin has worked in various architecture firms and furniture design studios after completing her academic education in the furniture department of Rhodes Island School of Design.

Having a sculptor mother and a father who is in the textile business, Ekin grew up having appreciation of various artistic disciplines and a desire of creative expression. 

In 2020, former co-founder of 15 West Studio, founded Ekin Varon Design Studio.

Interdisciplinary art is at the center of Ekin’s design approach. Using various Turkish craftsmanship at her designs, she creates multi layered, unique furniture, objects and environments. Originality is the main driver of her designs and she achieves that by creating timeless designs that harmonize modern aesthetics with traditional Turkish craftmanship.

About Ekin Varon Design Studio

Ekin Varon Design Studio was established in Istanbul, Turkey and provides design and production services to residential, hospitality and commercial projects. Located at the heart of Istanbul’s most luxurious area, Nişantaşı, Ekin Varon Design Studio offers accessible high-end furniture to an international audience.

We attach great importance to the consistency of our high-quality production.

For each project, our team of designers are joined by a number of meticulous quality controllers and manufacturers. While Turkey based production gives us the competitive advantage of top-quality production, our designs offer a sense of glamour for universal clientele.

By mixing modern industrial manufacturing with traditional Turkish craftsmanship techniques, we create sophisticated, timeless and multi-faceted products.

Our furniture arouse curiosity, coordinate with current life, but at the same time keep a reference to the past. What makes our designs unique is that they make living spaces attractive and striking for those who seek the aesthetic sense.

We create rich and original designs by synthesizing unconventional and different materials & textures without tiring the products. Originality and uniqueness are essential elements for our designs and we accomplish that by valuing handcraftsmanship. A handmade detail or ornamentation is what gives a machine manufactured furniture life. Our handmade finishes offer one of a kind patterns and colors allowing each product to be unique. We offer different pattern textured surfaces in high gloss and matte finish in a variety of colors.

We work with local artisans to create authentic products and rely on their expertise. As we live in a country that’s abundant in resources, we support our community’s local artisans, and contribute to the future of local craftsmanship. Timeless furniture and objects designed with elegant simplicity take their strength from details. Our products are detail oriented and by paying attention to every detail, we are creating a connection between users and products. All of our products are designed to exist in harmony with their surroundings and aspire to become a part of the user’s daily pleasures while fulfilling their needs.