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EKİN VARON Design Studio

BULUT Liquor Cabinet

BULUT Liquor Cabinet

Bulut Liquor Cabinet’ takes you to the dream world where you can easily lose yourself with its patterned texture. A number of hand-finishing techniques are applied to create the cloud-like patterned lacquer. The layers used in the polish that gives Bulut its shine is silver foil. You can store your drinks and display them glamorously in Bulut. The serving shelf above the drawer is designed for you to prepare your drinks comfortably. 

Material & Finish 

Body: Patterned texture shiny lacquer on wood

Base: Antique plated metal finish

Door Puls: Antique plated metal

Inside the Cabinet Shelf: Matte lacquered on wood, back painted glass, mirror and antique plated metal details



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